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Making Iberian horses accessible to the world is something that we pride ourselves on and clients can rest easy in the knowledge that all aspects of both national and international travel will be taken care of. From quarantine, passports and veterinary checks to the actual road or air journey itself we are knowledgeable and experienced in the entire process and can organise or recommend professional services and transport companies to suit clients worldwide.

Why are they different?

VIP liner

Beside lager vehicles for combined transports, Marcel Jordan Horse Transport offers a 2-horse trailer. Our VIP LINER serves as a faster and direct carrier, in case you should not wish to co-load your horse. Horses remain unattached in the VIP liner as well, allowing them to lower their heads when they need to. As a standard custom, all horses will be provided with enough first-class hay and water during the voyage.


Proper horse transport prevents unnecessary stress. This is the fundamental idea behind all services provided by Marcel Jordan Horse Transport.

We therefore apply these basic principles as a rule:

  • Good conditions for the horse during transport.
  • Drivers who understand horses and their needs,
  • and with appropriate driving skills.
  • Safe transport with timely stops for horse and driver.
  • Communication with the customer throughout the voyage.
  • During transport the horses will always have sufficient hay and water. 


Delivering 5-STAR horse transport, focussing on your wishes, while ultimately the horse is our customer. The greater the distance, the better we are to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We provide carrier services throughout Europe, and neighbouring countries (i.e. Cyprus, Malta, and Morocco), with scheduled services to and from Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia.

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