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Situated in the North of Holland our boutique stables are purpose built for the training, care and sale of world-class performance horses. Our dedicated and experienced staff ensure every aspect of the horse’s health and well-being are meticulously taken care of with access to ??? stall indoor barn, state of the art training arenas, a horse walker, aqua-trainer and expansive grass fields.

Key features of our training and sales preparation begins on the ground with the use of our horse walker and aqua trainer. Our knowledgeable staff utilise the aqua trainer to assist in the careful development of muscle and top-line, without the need for intensive ridden work which avoids placing undue stress on joints and bone development, especially in young or growing horses.

Building strong horses that are both sound of body and mind is our passion and all of our sales horses enjoy daily turnout in our secure pastures. Safe turn-out of stallions is accommodated for and 24/7 supervision is provided on the property.

Outdoor area

Indoor area

Horse walker

Aqua trainer


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